Members of the Lambda Phi Chapter attended the 2013 Joint Province Workshop for Provinces 24 (Mississippi) and 34 (Alabama).

The brothers of Lambda Phi sit down to a semi-formal dinner at the local mexican restaurant La Tarraza. The guys got a chance to chat with a couple of the potential probationary members in a formal setting.


Pictured above is Ryan Case in deep thought while Nathan is laughing away.

Pictured Right is Pol Steiner in a deep train of thought, while Joe Nazzaro listens to a very insightful story.

The first interest meeting was a huge success. On August 27, 2009, the collegiates held a joint cook out with Sigma Alpha Iota in front of the music buildings. Burgers were served free of charge for all the interested students who attended. There were a total of ten students show up interested in Phi Mu Alpha. At the end of the meeting, the collegiates gathered around and sang Hail Sinfonia for the interested students.

Pictured above - Brother Ryan Case talks to four interested men in what Phi Mu Alpha is and what it does as a fraternity.

Pictured right - Brothers Carl Curtis and Granvill Adkins hang around two interested men at the first of three Fall 2009 interest meetings.

August 26, 2009, was the day before the first interest meeting of the 2009 Fall semester. In order to spread the word across campus, the collegiates wore their letter shirts and wrote on every black board they could find. Pictured are 9 members who met and sang in front of the flag pole on the Drill Field to help the cause.
On February 21, 7 men from the Lambda Phi Chapter made a trip to Columbus, MS for our first service project of the semester. They went to the Palmer home to show the children there the art of music. The children made homemade rainmakers, drums, and tambourines. They also learned how to play the recorder. Several of the brothers also showed the children how various instruments worked. Among the instruments shown were trumpet, guitar, accordian, trombone, and mandolin. The children had a blast and the brothers were invited back by the Palmer home.
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